Irregular adjectives

masc. sing.
fem. sing.
masc. plur.
fem. plur.
acest aceast acestilor acestilor "this, that"
ac act acns acts "sharp; acute"
bl [bw] bel bis bels "beautiful"
ben bun bens buns "good"
blu blu blux blus "blue"
Europu Europi Europux Europis "European"
fiir [fir] fiir [fir] fiis [fis] fis [fis] "proud, loyal"
negreu neagr negreux neagrs "black"
nigt nigd nigts nigds "zany"
noveu nou [nu'] noveux nous [nu's] "new"
n nd nns nds "naked"
proxim proxim proxims proxims "next, nearby"
qualsevol qualsevol quisevois quisevois "some"
timit timid timits timids "shy"
vell ve vells ves "old"

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Orthographic changes in adjectives

These may make some adjectives seem irregular which are not. Adjectives ending in -ceu and -cu add an i before the feminine ending -(s) in order to preserve the soft [C] pronunciation, since the letter c is pronounced [k] before . Similarly, adjectives ending in -cheu and -chu remove the h before the feminine ending, because c alone represents the hard [k] sound before the letter .

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