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Wired magazine article from March 2000
Written by Alex Blumberg, this article is still the greatest piece ever written on Talossan by any non-Talossan.  This is what got me onto Talossan in the first place and is a near-perfect snapshot at Talossan life in the early-to-mid-year-2ooo.
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A Nation Sundered: Part 1 of 4
A Nation Sundered: Part 2 of 4
A Nation Sundered: Part 3 of 4
A Nation Sundered: Part 4 of 4
Oraclâ No. 65: 15 January 2008

A Nation Sundered is Gödefrïeu Válcadác’h’s re-telling of how the Republic of Talossa came to be from the prospective of one who was there and lived through that time: Halloween, the Insult, and the horrid vendetta by Ben Madison against Kane Gruber that followed, a vendetta that makes even the sleaze of Davron pale in comparison.

As a companion to A Nation Sundered, Oraclâ magazine issue No. 65 has been included which delineates even more than ANS the precise reasons, legal and otherwise, we felt we had no choice but to become Betrayers, Thieves, and Keepers.

Timeline of Talossan history at - Note, this timeline is woefully-incomplete where the events of spring 2004 are concerned.  For more on that period of Talossan history, see the above-lined ‘A Nation Sundered’.


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The National Atlas of Talossa
by R. Ben Madison, 1994

Map of the Kingdom of Talossa - January 1998 - by R. Ben Madison

Milwaukee-Talossa 2010 Census tract map
from the U. S. Census Bureau

Milwaukee-Talossa 2000 Census tract maps, data, and more
from the City of Milwaukee

Milwaukee-Talossa 1990 Census tract maps
from the U. S. Census Bureau

Milwaukee-Talossa 1980 Census tract data and primitive maps
straight from the U. S. Census Bureau’s original document, which may very well have been the one from which Ben Madison worked out the concept of arranging provinces related to census tracts - note the tract from whence we get the province of Florenciâ.