Ben at Vuode Palace June 2002

From my haxh to Talossa in 2002, here is Ben behind Vuode Palace (not seen - behind him is the neighbor’s house to the north of the Palace) next to his car. It is morning, and he is picking me up for another day of Talossanity.

Clark Graphics June 2002 Clark Graphics pic June 2002 Ben at Clark Graphics June 2002

From June 2002, this is the printing/copying establishment for which the Kingdom Clark is named, Clark Graphics, in which copies of the Clark were, in the pre-Cybercit days, made for distribution to area Talossans.

At right is Ben at Clark Graphics during our Xerox orgy in which a lot of what the Kingdom has left for Archives was copied.
Harry and Ben June 2002 Door to Harry's office June 2002 Harry Madison and other profs on bulletin board June 2002

Ben next to his father, the late Harry L. Madison in Harry’s office on 25 June 2002. In the middle is the door to his office (not a good shot, I know), and at right is a bulletin board with Harry listed along with other UWM profs in a summer semester schedule.

Ben and the Royal Consulate June 2002 Ben and Consulate close-up June 2002

June 2002: Ben standing in front of what was then the Royal Consulate (where he and Amy lived until 2006).

Ben's treisour copy June 2002

Ben’s copy of the Talossan Dictionary and Grammar (1997 edition). This is in the Talossan Archives, now lost.