GV PM Instrument of Inauguration 25 vi 2002

Gödafrïeu Válcadác’h’s inauguration as Talossa’s PM was not so important for who was being installed, but in the manner in which it took place: the first such ceremony in the Cybercit Era to have taken place in-person and on Talossan soil, all the other cybercit inaugurations having taken place via telephone.

For the first time, perhaps ever, the letter of the 1997 Organic Law (as amended up to that time) was followed in regard to the above Instrument of Inauguration, signed by the then-King, GV, and others. The original is with the Talossan Archives, now lost (so to speak).

The Loom of Language The Loom of Language title page 25 vi 2002 More from The Loom of Language 25 vi 2002 Still more from The Loom of Language 25 vi 2002

Also lost to us is Ben’s original copy of The Loom of Language. His copy was “borrowed” from the library at Riverside High School, and it was this book that got him excited about languages to begin with. It is possible that but for this book, Ben might not have invented the Talossan language at all.

The rubrics of the PM inauguration prescribe the incoming PM to place h/er hand on a copy of The Loom of Language (the OrgLaw at that time did not say it had to be Ben’s particular copy). As far as can be ascertained Gödafrïeu Válcadác’h or Gary Cone, perhaps, was the last PM to have placed his hand on this Talossan relic.

Slip from Library for The Loom of Language 25 vi 2002 Library slip and Rosetta Stone from The Loom of Language 25 vi 2002

Eventually, Ben’s “borrowed” book was assumed to be lost by the school library. Here is proof of Ben’s paying for this “lost” book, and making it his legitimate own.