Current issue plus archives:

Oraclâ No. 83: Monday 4 March 2013
Tomás G.’s brush with death - yep, two issues in one day

Oraclâ No. 82: Monday 4 March 2013
Money and Talossa

Oraclâ No. 81: Thursday 21 February 2013
GV and Ián Tamorán meet in-person in Houston; GV rails against the OrgLaw; O Promise Me…this oath will not go through…; and an interview with GV

Oraclâ No. 80: Thursday 19 April 2012
The last day of the Republic of Talossa

Oraclâ No. 79: 11 March 2012
Post-reunision political parties begin to appear in the Republic.

Oraclâ No. 78: 24 February 2012
Art Verbotten on ‘reunision’

Oraclâ No. 77: Friday 24 February 2012
GV delivers a speech to the Talossan Nation - nice pics of the Water Street Bridge, too.

Oraclâ No. 76: Sunday 8 January 2012
Interview with Davïu Ledescu

Oraclâ No. 75: 26 December 2011
Interview with GV about the day’s events - four issues in one day!

Oraclâ No. 74: 26 December 2011
Why newbie-Talossans on both sides of the Vuode Wall should give one whit about re/unification.

Oraclâ No. 73: 26 December 2011
King John and President Schivâ issue public Joint Statement

Oraclâ No. 72: 26 Zecemvàr 2011
Where go we?

Oraclâ No. 71 from autumn 2011
What Talossa means to GV currently

Oraclâ No. 70: Sunday 1 March 2009
GV talks about the Kingdom Opposition of old and that of today - Grubi’s goes live

Oraclâ No. 69: Tuesday 17 February 2009
In Memoriam: Jeanne Woolley

Oraclâ No. 68: Tuesday 17 February 2009
GV discusses his leaving Talossan politics and Talossa in general.

Oraclâ No. 67: New Year’s Day 2009
GV rails against IV.

Oraclâ No. 66: Thursday 17 January 2008 - 3:15am Central
Ieremiác’h Ventrútx renounces Republic citizenship and makes a bid for Kingdom re-admission.  38th Cosâ results.

Oraclâ No. 65: Tuesday 15 January 2008
Where are they? A discussion about the inactivity of
Why we left GV discusses the precise reasons why the Talossan republicans had no other choice but to secede.

Oraclâ No. 64: Wednesday 26 December 2007
Danihél Lauriéir & Gödafrïeu Válcadác’h launch reunification organization Viens Talossa - Independence day remarks from Republic President Anglatzarâ, John Woolley’s Speech from the Throne, and current Kingdom election results

Oraclâ Nos. 1-63: coming to this site…eventually