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Here it is: your one-stop place for all things related to the Talossan language. As more stuff comes into existence, this page will be updated. Enjoy!

Corrections, additions and amendments to the second edition of «La Scúrzniâ Gramáticâ del Glheþ Talossán»APT-IPA Correspondences for the Second Edition Grammar and Dictionary
This file is not to be found in the .zip archive containing the language pages, but was sent along with it in the same email to me dated 17 October 2006.

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Robert Ben Madison’s 1997 essay on the language
Ben’s summation on the language - This is the first draft, dated 20 July 1997 (recovered from a hard disk crash on 24 October 1998). Gödafrïeu Válcadác’h archived this from an unknown Kingdom website on 1 February 2005.

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Prüms Paçen în Ladîntsch - Published by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Talossa, this is a wonderful way to get started with your Glheþ studies.

For assistance in pronunciation, the following may be had:

Talossan Pronunciation and Spelling with IPA
This is the same file as the below “Talossan Pronunciation and Spelling”, save for the addition of the corresponding International Phonetic Alphabet symbols by Gödafrïeu Válcadác’h in November 2006 with proofing by Miestrâ Schivâ at that time.

Talossan character keyboard codes (MacOS only)

Talossan character keyboard codes (Windows only)
Thanks to Micjeu Xhemuna for this. Here are all Talossan diacritics and strange letters with Unicode Dec (ALT+ #), MS Word, US International Keyboard, HTML, and Unicode Hex codes and shortcuts. For Windows only.

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Kingdom Glheþ pages

Official Kingdom Glheþ pages

El Glheþ Talossán discussion forum: Discussion of (or even in) the Talossan language

l’Üniversità Talossán discussion forum: The University of Talossa. Go Squirrels!

Republic Glheþ pages

Official Republic Glheþ page

Martí-Paìr Furxhéir’s Glheþ page

Glheþ Glheßons
discussion forum: Learn the national language (el glheþ naziunál)

l’Icastolâ discussion forum: The Talossan Language School. Faculty members and interested parties discuss el glheþ.

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Tomás Gariçéir’s languages pages from 1998 utilizing the Second Edition rules, grammar, spelling, pronunciations, etc. as received directly from him via Gödafrïeu Válcadác’h on Tuesday 17 October 2006.

TG attached to this email a ZIP file containing all of his old HTML
reference pages — pronunciation & spellling, verb conjugations, etc.

He has also attached a PDF chart of correspondences between APT and IPA.
There’s a one to one correspondence: using the existing guides (e.g.
the talpron.html page) one may merely substitute the corresponsding IPA
symbol for the APT one, and voilà. If the PDF comes out strange (it looks
fine on Tomás’ computer, but one can never know how something will turn out on someone else’s!), he did it in the Gentium font (a most-wonderous Unicode
font which everyone should have) which is available at

APT - the Alfavít Phonetic Talossán
Note from Tomás: I think [APT] was probably an IPA substitute. Ben invented a system using just the WindowsLatin-1 character set to alleviate the need for special IPA fonts and so on.

Irregular adjectives

Irregular noun plurals

Irregular Verbs

Personal Pronouns

Stress and Accents in Talossan

Talossan Pronunciation and Spelling

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T. Gariçéir’s language pages from 1998 - original .zip file

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Much is to be done in the way of combing the web (particularly the Wayback Machine) for old language pages. The following represents a start, but I urge others to take on this little project of finding the most-recent Kingdom language pages from before 1 June 2004.

The following may be had via the Wayback Machine via a search for

La Páxhinâ dal Casâ del Glheþ Talossán: (Revised 8 March 1996/XVII; rewritten 30 May 1997/XVIII; re-revised 25 January 1999/XX) [ as archived on 15 June 2000]

CUG page as of 24 September 2001 (archived by the Wayback Machine from

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