If the Blue Wave were to be able to wave J. K. Rowling’s Elder Wand and make its dreams come true, there would be a reunified Talossan under a republican form of government devoid of a monarchy, though the trappings of monarchy (heraldry, titles, etc.) would remain intact. The Blue Wave believes a republic-style of governance is best for Talossa.

However, the Blue Wave is also pragmatic. We (or just I for now) see that there is too much support for a continued monarchy to imagine being able to rile up support for an alternative way of doing things in the short-term. However, the Blue Wave believes there is a way for republicans and monarchists to live together.

It would involve the tacking onto a Talossan Republic-style constitution a figurehead monarch. Thus tradition would be assured a continued place and Talossa would continue under the innovative democratic stricture pioneered by those who left King Ben in 2004 and those that joined them later on. Yes, Miestrâ and King John really can live together!

Gödafrïeu Válcadác’h
Blue Wave Party
27 July 2007