…when someone types words to you online you cannot see their facial expressions, read their body language, or hear their tone of voice. Unfortunately, the human animal is predisposed, in many cases, to think the worst in people and will read anger into words where none exists or will think people are verbally attacking them when in fact they are just joking around.

After attending a Syndicate conference, and put faces to names, members no longer make those incorrect assumptions. You now know the person behind the toon [Stalzer's word for in-game character/avatar] and you know how they act and that they are your friend and thus you don’t assume they are out to get you.

- Sean Stalzer, Legend of the Syndicate, Avari Press 2007

With apologies to all for bringing an online gaming guild into the mix, I think Stalzer encapsulates perfectly a critical dynamic that was all-too-missing from our Talossan world in 2003-2004. Of course, a huge part of what went on resulted from a face-to-face meeting of Chris Gruber and Amy Durnford in 2003, but there is no doubt in my mind that if more conversations had taken place by telephone instead of by just Wittenberg, things would not have ended any differently, but would have done so, perhaps, with fewer hurt people and more long-time Talossans still around.

Before we can show our republican selves to the world (and this is where the pragmatic part of the Blue Wave shows itself), we must first get our own house in order. Before we can talk about massive immigration plans and other things, we must first become, once more, a (gasp) community.

It is clear to me, however, that true community will not come about until we go past just typing on a discussion board. Talossa was not ‘real’ to me until I spoke with fellow Talossans over the phone and met them in-person. And long, long before it got on the internet, Talossa was that kind of community.

And before we can even begin the formal process of reunification, we must first get to know our future fellow citizens a lot better. To this end, I will go about organizing phone/skype/IRC chats (along with the help of the Minister of Information or Technology).

+ + +

1. As your Prime Minister, my first course of action will be to direct the Secretary of State to furnish everyone in the Republic with a roster of our citizens including all contact information each citizen is comfortable with forking over - in other words, the census.

2. Per the ZRT platform, when number one is completed, I will personally email or phone every citizen of this Republic (international folks, you will most-likely be emailed - lol) to find out not only how much interest they have in the Republic, but also what about the Republic excites them and reviles them. This will also be an opportunity to ask people about being in the Cabinet.

3. Per the ZRT platform, I present the idea of RepubliMoot (name modeled after Gruber’s RepubliFest), that would be held in Milwaukee at least once every two years, every year if we can swing it. Every three-to-five years would be a Grand RepublicMoot in Milwaukee in which we would work especially hard to get people from far-flung places to come.

4. The Blue Wave applauds and endorses the work going on with the Apvienibâ dals Ciumisâs del Glheþ Talossán. As your PM, I pledge to use the language more and more in my daily Talossan correspondence.

5. Per the ZRT Platform: The Republic’s Government will indeed, in a year’s time, be able to render a full-fledged Address to the Chamber in decent Talossan of no less than five-hundred words.

6. With the exception of the campi of Marquette University and Cardinal Strich College as well as Shorewood and Whitefish Bay as well as our five provinces, the land claims of the Republic are excessive and should be done away with. In putting together the Provisional Constitution in 2004, it was I and I alone who drew out the hideous boundaries we now have. We must conform to our historical boundaries, and the reunified Talossa cannot be burdened with too much extra land.

+ + +

On Halloween, your Prime Minister shall make a Big Huge Announcement.

+ + +

Your Immigration Plan:

The Immigration Plan has as its focal point a new and bold idea for Talossa: a podcast.

I have registered the name

TalossaCast will be about the Republic with a little Kingdom thrown in for good measure (gotta get the interview with Dan L.).

We could put out a new episode every two months or so. My experience helping out with Snapecast has taught me that putting out episodes even one month apart can be daunting, but as we’ve not missed a first-of-the-month issue date since our start in June 2006, I can testify one-a-month is more-than-doable, the chief problems being editing and recording segments.

I’m thinking that each episode could include the following:

- Interview with a long-time Talossan
- music from Miestrâ, Grubi, Dieter, etc.
- commentary in Talossan and in English on politics, etc.
- one or more news segments
- Language lessons!
- segments done entirely in Talossan
- Interviews with new Talossans

Get Art Verbotten to get his friends in Milwaukee involved -

Let’s pull a John Woolley that way.

+ + +

Goodwill Ambassador: While the appointment of which is not my prerogative as PM, I intend to remain such, and as such, the Republic’s main liaison with the Kingdom.

+ + +

Join me. Join me in a great new adventure. Join me and while we won’t be able to bring order to the galaxy, we will be able to kill the Great Pumpkin once and for all.

In 2004, Talossa split apart. Together, we can put it back together again…

…as one nation

…as one people…

as one family…

…one community

…one fraternity (in the unigender sense)

…one bond of sisters and brothers

…under one flag

…one government

…one constitution

…living out the dream and making real the vision of one man, though he be gone off the deep end…


Catch the Wave! - Surf’s up, Grube!

PM GV (almost)
Blue Wave Party
Thursday 20 September 2007