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This week has seen a breakthrough of monumental proportions: the creation, or at least the announcement of,
the creation of El Apvienibâ dals Ciumisâs del Glheþ Talossán (Association of Talossan Language Organisations), an organization of member organizations dedicated to the development of and thriving of the Talossan language. The member organizations are the CÚG of the Kingdom and the Republic’s l’Icastolâ (language school).

The Blue Wave has, leading up to the current election for the Republic Chamber of Deputies, expressed its great desire that the CÚG become a pan-Talossan and politically/nationalistically neutral organization as well as the pre-eminent Talossan-language academy in the world. Even in the light of this week’s events, the Blue Wave still expresses this wish.

However, there is something far, far bigger than the fine nuances and niceties of which organization
does what and under what name: the beginnings, at long, long last of the kind of friendships and community
that will one day bring about, in the far future probably, the unity for which the Blue Wave has

With that, the Blue Wave Party gives the new Apvienibâ dals Ciumisâs del Glheþ Talossán its full and enthusiastic support and endorsement with great kudos to those on both sides of the “Vuode Wall” who worked to bring this about.

Gödafrïeu Válcadác’h
Blue Wave Party
15 August 2007