Catch the Wave!

The Blue Wave Party is committed to the political reunification of the sundered Talossan peoples. Talossa…the way it should have always been. Free, fun, fair, and with her eyes to the stars and her feet firmly planted in her roots and history.

Tentative candidate list for the 7th Chamber of Deputies (the above being the 50-word statement):

1. Gödafrïeu Válcadác’h

Want to be on top of the wave instead of under it when it breaks on the shores of East Side Milwaukee? Join us via jeff at jeffrags dott com!

+ + +

Catch the wave of healing!

Catch the wave of community!

Catch the wave of history!

Catch the wave breaking over Talossa!

Down with the Great Pumpkin as we prepare for the glorious day of

One flag,

One people,

One country,

One government,

One constitution,

One Talossa.

Catch the Wave!

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