Jeff Ragsdale
Independent Beachbody Coach

POWER 90 - get fit, get healthy, and bring it!!

Recently, some of my friends have noticed something: I’m thinner, and I’m looking better than I have in a good while.  Along with a healthier approach to eating, this is how I have done it and am doing it: Power 90 - and you, too, can do Power 90 just like I am!

Buy Power 90

Designed for folks like me who have never exercised in their lives, Power 90 is just one of a family of fitness programs from Beachbody, the creator of the extreme-fitness program P90X that has swept the country in the past few years. Here is what Beachbody is and is all about:

Come and join me on this adventure of better health, greater fitness, and a happier life! Eat well, buy Power 90 or any other of the family of Beachbody products, and BRING IT!!

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