Greets, Christof Spieler, Board member of METRO:

I have ridden METRO the past fifteen years.  Recently, you, Christof, gave to the public a formal invitation to give input on what could end up being a radical restructuring of our local bus routes over the next eighteen months.

(For everyone else reading this, the interview in-question with Christof in which he gives this invitation and vision may be had HERE under the title ‘REIMAGINING OUR ROUTES (7.8.13)‘.)

Christof, I have responded by way of  an OPEN LETTER, which may be had HERE.

The maps on this site were done and rendered via Google Map Engine Lite (Beta) and may be had at

More videos on alternate takes on routes, etc. may be had below this image of what METRO could be.  The videos linked from this site, the map linked above (rendered below), etc. serve as models for which METRO and the general public should strive: a METRO that really does get you where you want to go!

METRO...  Reimagined.

METRO... Re-imagined.

VIDEO: an alternate take on the 82 Westheimer


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