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The most important day of my life was, in fact, an evening.  That Wednesday evening of South Main Baptist Church’s youth camp in 1986 was the occasion on which I said ‘yes’ to God, ‘yes’ to the offering of himself on Calvary, ‘yes’ to his Resurrection, and ‘yes’ to the grace that it offered. [...]

Thomas with one of his granddaughters this past Memorial Day in Houston
Thad Roberts, Jr. had for thirty-two years been the iconic Minister of Music of South Main Baptist Church in Houston, Texas - the man who led our music program during what must be deemed hopefully merely the first of many golden ages for our [...]

The Houston Chamber Choir
Hear the Future — 11th Annual Invitational School Choral Festival

Sunday, January 25, 2009 at 4:00 p.m.
FREE Concert

South Main Baptist Church (directions)
4100 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77002
Co-sponsored by AMC Music, Hear the Future pays tribute to the essential work done by outstanding choral music educators in our region and their excellent choirs. Enjoy this [...]

Birth of Jesus. Detail from the side facing the apse of the so-called “Sarcofago di Stilicone” (”Stilicho’s sarcophagus”), an Ancient Roman christian sarcophagus dating from the 4th century. It is preserved beneath the pulpit of Sant’Ambrogio basilica in Milan, Italy. Picture by Giovanni Dall’Orto, April 25 2007.
Oh my!  An update!
Save for some shingles and all [...]

A little late this is, but liturgically still just fine. Happy Easter, everyone (including my Orthodox friends who will celebrate it about a month from now)!

I’m taking a post-England break from my choir gig at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church. Today I got to do something I had not done in a while: my first Sunday-morning attendance at my home church, South Main Baptist, since the last week
of December 2004.

21 years ago this evening, at Youth Camp with South Main Baptist Church, I became a Christian. For a lot of people, I suppose, coming to see God as he truly is is a long process. For me, it happened rather quickly: realizing it was the thing to do. No hyper-emotion or [...]