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In Memoriam: Marvin Zindler

If you live anywhere in the vicinity of southeast Texas, your world is not so bright as it was: Marvin Zindler, the most-iconic television news personality our area has ever had or ever will have, has passed away this evening from complications of pancreatic cancer. He was 85.

Snapecast Episode 19
A little belated, I know - I was in England at the time it came out.

The visionary behind the Harry Potter Snape-related podcast Snapecast, and an amazing person, I cannot find enough good things to say about her and Charles, her new husband. I’ve known Rachael since March 2006 when [...]

What a week.
What a week for the music ministry of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, having completed a week-long choral residency at the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew in Wells, England - it was the second-best choir tour I’ve been of which I’ve had a part (eclipsed only by that taken by the Bach Society [...]

Chef Rat

It seems to me with the combination of fantasy theme-park and corporate culture, perhaps no-one has a greater potential for utter schlockiness, pandering to the lowest common denominator, than Disney. This past Saturday, Dad and I saw Disney’s new Pixar flick: Ratatouille, and while it is certainly formulaic, how the formula is executed [...]

21 years ago this evening, at Youth Camp with South Main Baptist Church, I became a Christian. For a lot of people, I suppose, coming to see God as he truly is is a long process. For me, it happened rather quickly: realizing it was the thing to do. No hyper-emotion or [...]

The penultimate Snapecast ere the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, this episode focuses on the Snape/Hermione ’ship. Enjoy!


If you remember ’80s TV’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, you will appreciate this. This is the first in Unemployed Skeletor’s Blog Of Evil, and it’s the funniest thing I have seen in quite a while, and I’ve stayed up waaaay too late on a Saturday night watching some of [...]

Back from New York

More on the fabulous weekend that was very soon…

…for my little half-brother, anyway. Ian and his bride-to-be, Randi, will be married in Shakespeare Garden in New York’s Central Park in a short ceremony on Saturday 19 May. Ian lived in that fair city for about three years, and it will be my first trip there.
Jeff takes Manhattan!

More Talossan goodness!
talossagv9april2007.mp3 (6MB): thoughts on Ben and Amy
talossagv10april2007number1.mp3 (6MB): more thoughts on Ben and Amy