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The most important day of my life was, in fact, an evening.  That Wednesday evening of South Main Baptist Church’s youth camp in 1986 was the occasion on which I said ‘yes’ to God, ‘yes’ to the offering of himself on Calvary, ‘yes’ to his Resurrection, and ‘yes’ to the grace that it offered. [...]

Thomas with one of his granddaughters this past Memorial Day in Houston
Thad Roberts, Jr. had for thirty-two years been the iconic Minister of Music of South Main Baptist Church in Houston, Texas - the man who led our music program during what must be deemed hopefully merely the first of many golden ages for our [...]


My niece (by little brother Ian and Randi), Ruby Renee Ragsdale, was born 2 October 2009, healthy and happy.   She is Ian and Randi’s first child and the photographer, Wendi Schoffstall, is quite remarkable.
More Ruby (and more of Wendi’s work) here…

A taboo subject…

…because as Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times puts it, “No, gang rape isn’t exactly great fodder for cocktail parties. It’s incredibly uncomfortable and depressing to speak about — and that’s probably one reason it’s gone on as long as it has, with relatively little attention. It’s taboo to discuss — not only in [...]


The Cabildo in New Orleans was built in 1799 and served as the place’s town council building up to and after annexation by the United States, ceasing in that function in the 1850s.  This place stands at the center of the history of Louisiana and was the location of the ceremony marking the Louisiana Purchase.
The [...]

Next week will be busy, though it will also be a really nice respite from the daily grind.  Portus 2008 is a Harry Potter symposium (replete with papers, panels, presenters, parties, pageantry, pomp, etc.) that will be held at the Hilton Anatole hotel in Dallas, Texas from 10-13 July.  It’s being put on by the [...]

A little late this is, but liturgically still just fine. Happy Easter, everyone (including my Orthodox friends who will celebrate it about a month from now)!

YouTube is a gift from God.
Always on the news and elsewhere, we only get the famous last two minutes or so of this most-famous oratory of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. But seeing the entire thing (yes, from the moment the gathering’s MC introduces King) for the first time gives me [...]

Christmas MMVII

The Nativity by Petrus Christus, c. 1445.
Photo taken from
Growing up Baptist, “Christmas” was just the one day (25 December), and after that, thoughts of getting ready for Easter come into play. Having been a part of the life of the Episcopal Church for almost six years, I have fully and gladly [...]

Though I have to say I’ve a friend who teaches at a Montessori school, sings in the Houston Grand Opera Chorus and sings at Palmer Episcopal.  She is every bit as busy as I and since she works with kids, her responsibilities are much, much greater than mine.
High Holy Days are once again upon us [...]