The most important day of my life was, in fact, an evening.  That Wednesday evening of South Main Baptist Church’s youth camp in 1986 was the occasion on which I said ‘yes’ to God, ‘yes’ to the offering of himself on Calvary, ‘yes’ to his Resurrection, and ‘yes’ to the grace that it offered.  Right then was when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

I made that decision during that evening’s worship service altar-call, and each youth (or adult) who made that decision to follow God was given to an adult to talk privately through their state of mind, their decision, their heart, and to make quite sure said decision-maker understood exactly what they were doing.  Pictured at-left, Bill Kolter was for me that adult.  He passed away this week.

Dr. Kolter was as gregarious as people say — and then some.  He was approachable, in possession of a bedside matter that matched his scientific skills as a physician and brought those skills to life and made them relevant to his patients, level-headed, and filled with God’s love.

His heart was above all given to God and then to his family, his church, and his friends.

He was a friend to all.  He was a friend to me.

Rest in peace, Bill.

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