Quack-in-the-Box cover art by Len Peralta

Quack-in-the-Box cover art by Len Peralta

I know Chris and Clare through a mutual friend, and in addition to their toddler, their other baby is Don Gusano Games, through which comes to the world Quack-in-the-Box, a biting satire of malpractice and incompetence in the medical field.Quoth Ben Collins-Sussman: “This is the story [Chris and Clare] tell (no doubt retold and twisted a hundred times): for Clare’s PhD field work, they moved to a rural area of the Andes mountains in Bolivia. While Clare did research and interviews, Chris took up a job in a local medicine clinic. One day somebody came into the clinic with a headache, and one of the other doctors sent him away with antibiotics. “Why did you give him antibiotics for a headache?” Chris asked. Answer: “Well, that’s what we had today.” Hmmmmm.”

And the rest is history: Quack-in-the-Box mocks medical mayhem in the form of a hilarious card game that puts you in the role of an unscrupulous doctor hell-bent on milking as much money out of his patients as inhumanly-possible.

I’ve played through this little gem, and find it to be great, great fun.  You can buy it from www.dongusanogames.com –  I look forward to taking it up to Indiana and showing it off to Mother and family.  A novel and brilliantly-executed concept in gaming, Quack-in-the-Box will have you laughing…and thinking a little, too.


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