The village of Pyla in the United Nations Buffer Zone on the island of Cyprus is the site of the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project (PKAP). My little brother, Ian Ragsdale, is producing and directing a documentary on this archeological survey, and I have a large part to play in this film’s music.

Above is the trailer shown at an event this past weekend to what the website terms as “rave reviews”.

Just before the event this past weekend, Ian had this to say to me: “I’ve just uploaded the final version of the video to the exhibitors at UND [University of North Dakota]. Bill, the co-director of the archaeological project and the host professor at UND, called me because he wanted to personally tell me that he and everyone else were very excited and very happy with how this video turned out. He specifically wanted me to pass on the kudos and thank you for your music–in his words, your tracks ‘hold it all together.’”

The music on the credits plus the like music played for a little bit in the main body of the video is Ian’s. The rest is mine - the first time my composing has been used in any film of any sort.


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  1. 1 Shaden Elkhatib

    This is amazing! How beautiful that we can tell a story by what humans leave behind.

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