A taboo subject…

…because as Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times puts it, “No, gang rape isn’t exactly great fodder for cocktail parties. It’s incredibly uncomfortable and depressing to speak about — and that’s probably one reason it’s gone on as long as it has, with relatively little attention. It’s taboo to discuss — not only in countries like Liberia or Sudan [or the Congo, for that matter], but here in the US as well. It needs to stop, and we can help make that happen.”  He talks more about it in his blog.   More about this situation here as well.

And yes, sexual violence is not an easy thing to speak out about, but speaking out about it needs to happen.  And by way of letters and calls to our federal legislators and president, yes we can — make things happen.  It’s our country.  It’s our world.  And I will be writing my letters today.  :-)


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