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Next week will be busy, though it will also be a really nice respite from the daily grind.  Portus 2008 is a Harry Potter symposium (replete with papers, panels, presenters, parties, pageantry, pomp, etc.) that will be held at the Hilton Anatole hotel in Dallas, Texas from 10-13 July.  It’s being put on by the same people who put together Lumos in 2006 and other Harry Potter-related conventions and events.

The day before Portus, 9 July, and at the same venue will be held SnapeFest that will deal exclusively with all-things Severus Snape (character from the Harry Potter universe).  It, too, will have papers, presenters, a video presentation, etc.  It is being put on by Snapecast LLC which brought to the world the Snapecast podcast, in which I have had an ancillary role.

In addition to these two events, I will see family and, hopefully, a few friends.  :-)

But this is by no means the biggest thing going on in my summer.  More on that to come.  :-)


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