Snapecast Episode 19

A little belated, I know - I was in England at the time it came out.

Rachael from Snapecast


The visionary behind the Harry Potter Snape-related podcast Snapecast, and an amazing person, I cannot find enough good things to say about her and Charles, her new husband. I’ve known Rachael since March 2006 when she first visited the Harry Potter Meetup Group in Houston on her way to a gala at the UH Law Center where she was a student at the time (she has since graduated and is now a patent attorney) looking smashing, I must say. This was at the time she was putting Snapecast together, and the following month, I did a very good thing: accepting her invite to be a part of Snapecast, if only to have a male presence to help balance out the presence of many Snape-obsessed fangirls. Being in Snapecast (even though my role has become one of an ancillary nature) and being a part of the Harry Potter fandom in such a way has been an incredible ride, and to her, I will be eternally grateful.

Having known Rachael and having had the privilege to count her as a friend, I’ve become a better person in every good way - thanks be to God for sending those special sorts of folks into our lives. She and Charles are, on 1 August, moving to the Netherlands, and I (and everyone else who knows her) wish them all the happiness and joy in the world.

Rachael, we love you, and will miss you immensely!! Charles, God bless you!


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