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In Memoriam: Marvin Zindler

If you live anywhere in the vicinity of southeast Texas, your world is not so bright as it was: Marvin Zindler, the most-iconic television news personality our area has ever had or ever will have, has passed away this evening from complications of pancreatic cancer. He was 85.

Snapecast Episode 19
A little belated, I know - I was in England at the time it came out.

The visionary behind the Harry Potter Snape-related podcast Snapecast, and an amazing person, I cannot find enough good things to say about her and Charles, her new husband. I’ve known Rachael since March 2006 when [...]

What a week.
What a week for the music ministry of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, having completed a week-long choral residency at the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew in Wells, England - it was the second-best choir tour I’ve been of which I’ve had a part (eclipsed only by that taken by the Bach Society [...]

The West fa├žade of Wells Cathedral
I never thought this day would arrive: in three hours’ time, Dad will get me to the airport for the Palmer choir’s trip to Wells, England. Thanks be to God I had the good sense to make up a packing list: the first time I’ve done so. That, [...]

Chef Rat

It seems to me with the combination of fantasy theme-park and corporate culture, perhaps no-one has a greater potential for utter schlockiness, pandering to the lowest common denominator, than Disney. This past Saturday, Dad and I saw Disney’s new Pixar flick: Ratatouille, and while it is certainly formulaic, how the formula is executed [...]

21 years ago this evening, at Youth Camp with South Main Baptist Church, I became a Christian. For a lot of people, I suppose, coming to see God as he truly is is a long process. For me, it happened rather quickly: realizing it was the thing to do. No hyper-emotion or [...]

The penultimate Snapecast ere the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, this episode focuses on the Snape/Hermione ’ship. Enjoy!

Six days to the movie… Sixteen days to the book…
If you are a Harry Potter fan like I (or a Harry Potter fanatic like Rachael from Snapecast), you know what I am talking about. If you are not and have no clue to what I am referring, I refer you to my previous posts [...]