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More Talossan goodness!
talossagv9april2007.mp3 (6MB): thoughts on Ben and Amy
talossagv10april2007number1.mp3 (6MB): more thoughts on Ben and Amy

16th century Russian Orthodox icon of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Well, it’s here and done with (at least as far as my singing goes), and it was a great day. We had good crowds at Palmer, the flowers and decorations bedecking the Nave were beautiful as always, the choir sang well, and [...]

Good Friday MMVII

Holy Week. There is little, if anything, I could add to the litany of sermons, music, etc. surrounding this, the most solemn and joyful (on Easter Day, anyway) part of the Christian year, but I will try to come up with something profound. Starting with Palm Sunday (recounting Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem), [...]