ACDA 2007 National Convention banner

Palmer Adult Choir with Benjamin Hutto in 2005

Well, we’re back, tired (our flight left Miami at 6:00am EDT this morning, and that with the early switch to Daylight Savings Time - your tax dollars at work), and incredibly happy and relieved to see this project come to a close. Our performances at the 2007 National Convention of the American Choral Directors’ Association were incredible, and our directors, Courtney and Brady Knapp, are pleased and thrilled about this highlight in their professional lives, not to mention the musical and general lives of Palmer Episcopal Church going as well as it did.

In the coming days, one of our choir members will have a photo gallery online, and once she is able to get it put up (within the next two weeks, hopefully), I will give your more details on our trip. For now, however, it’s time to unpack.



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