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Well, we’re back, tired (our flight left Miami at 6:00am EDT this morning, and that with the early switch to Daylight Savings Time - your tax dollars at work), and incredibly happy and relieved to see this project come to a close. Our performances at the 2007 National Convention of the American Choral Directors’ [...]

My older brother, David, and I had a nice chat tonight. We talked about our little brother’s impending wedding, and, among other things,, for which David’s daughter (and my niece), Alex is a writer.
Houstonist, as its name implies, is all about all-things-Houston, Texas and is a part of the Gothamist network of city-related [...]

Ah, March in Houston. If one moves here from somewhere else during this month (and October equally-so), one would get the impression of a wonderful year-round climate. Such was that of my grandmother upon her arrival here in 1950 (though she actually came in January). Of course she and every other newbie [...]