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There are many characters in the Harry Potter books. Harry… Professor Sinistra… Ron… Rosmerta… Stan Shunpike… Hermione… Lucius… Luna… Dudley… All with their own distinct personalities and pathos. But none is more multi-faceted, or more-interesting, than that beloved Potions Master and master of intrigue, Severus Snape.

To our March 2006 Houston Harry Potter Meetup Group get-together at the Black Labrador restaurant in Houston came a new member, Rachael, looking gorgeous in her evening formal garb. She was stopping by (with her date) for a little bit on her way to a gala event at her law school (she’s taking the bar exam at the end of this month).

As I recall, she came to our next meetup (in April 2006), and she and I had a chance to chat for a bit. After that, she emailed me, asking me if I wanted to be in Snapecast, the first attempt Rachael knew of to do a podcast solely about Severus Snape. Of course, I accepted.

Our first episode came out on 1 June 2006, but because I had not yet gotten high-speed internet, I was unable to do recording for the episode, and am therefore not on it. However, I have been on most every episode since, mainly doing filks, hosting/closing segments, and, yes, a little analysis.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed doing this podcast and being involved with the rest of the Snapecast staff. I am still shocked at just how analytical a look at Severus can be, awed at the incredible quality of the people Rachael has gathered around her, and am proud to be able to say I am involved with Snapecast!

We post new episodes once or twice a month (though always on the first of each month). For more information, and to download all our episodes, visit



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