Harry Potter 7 publication date!!

This is the announcement for which I have waited six-and-a-half years, and for which a lot of people have waited even longer.:

jkrowling dot com Deathly Hallows announcement



So much for my predictions of HP coming out on 7 July of this year or 21 June of next year. It’s also interesting in that, with the Adult Choir of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, I will be doing a choral residency at Wells Cathedral in England and will be in Wells at the time of the book’s release.

We will leave Houston for Wells on Friday 13 July and will return on Tuesday 24 July. We’re lucky in that we will be able to watch the Cathedral’s regular choir do its thing for the last time ere summer holidays on Sunday 15 July. Our residency begins the next day, Monday 16 July, and we will do Choral Evensong that day, Tuesday the 17th, Wednesday the 18th, and Friday the 20th with Thursday the 19th being our free day. Happily, 21 July will not see us busy at the Cathedral until mid-to-late afternoon.
I have mixed feelings about this announcement. I was thinking, of course, for a 7-7-07 release (I had predicted that in the private forum of the Houston Harry Potter Meetup Group) or, better-still for my summer schedule, a release on 21 June 2008.
However, being in England at the time of the release of the last Harry Potter is cool beyond words…


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